Sheltie Enthusiasts since 1979 ..home of Best In Show winners in all 3 colours and Chihuahuas Enthusiasts since 2016

We are likely to be considered  exhibitors more than breeders but when we do breed a litter we consider ourselves to be responsible breeders and even though it is our hobby we put a great deal of thought in planning of our litters and lots of love & effort into the care of our precious babies and we most certainly do not believe that our dogs have to 'Earn their keep'!!!

We starting exhibiting our Collie (roughs) in the mid/late 1970's and had lots of fun and some success with them showing several through to their Australian Championships and Best In Shows awards @ Speciality and All Breeds level including BEST EXHIBIT in SHOW at the 1987 Collie National.

Our first Shetland Sheepdog joined our family in 1979 and since then we have been lucky enough to have owned BEST IN SHOW winners in all 3 colours , We have owned and or bred more than 25 shelties that have earned titles in Confirmation, Obedience and other forms of Doggy Sports and we are proud of each and every one of them.

As we are getting older we made the decision to downsize and although I feel we will always have a sheltie or two as part of our family, we  have added Chihuahuas to our doggy family in 2016 and we are thoroughly enjoying living with and exhibiting these little  pocket rockets!

Along with her handling of our Shelties and Collies, our youngest daughter Rebecca is also had lots of success with her chosen breeds American Cockers and now with Whippets under her own prefix 'HIRIZE'